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Video Surveillance / CCTV

While there are thousands of solutions, our customer love the fact that we work with them very closely to provide customized solution. Please contact ...

AUD 12000

Panasonic Box Camera WV-CP284E

1/3-type CCD pick-up element featuring 768 (H) x 494 (V) pixels Newly-developed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Higher horizontal resol...

AUD 25.52

GPS - Fleet Managment

Ideal for service personnel who are on calls as both an emergency device as well as to track their location for effective time management.  &nbs...

AUD 4000

Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable and non-Addressable systems provide good balance between safety and affordability.     Reliable sensors and our experience...

AUD 6000

FC520 - 2-Loop Control Pane

EN54 APPROVED 250 devices on each loop Automatic device-drift compensation 1 conventional input-line for the connection of up to 32 conventional de...

AUD 12000

FC500MFI - Multifunctional Interface

 Simple fire brigade or remote control board interface     Serial printer interface     Possibility to connect up...

AUD 12000

FC500IP3 - IP Module

Connect control units in the FireClass 500 control panels range to a LAN     Teleservice for programming maintenance remotely via IP ...

AUD 8000

FC500 SOFTWARE CONSOLE - Programming Tool

New graphical user interface View system diagnostics Fast and simple system configuration, also offline Transferable user database Device graphic ...

AUD 5000

BMD-707 - Wired 8 PIR Outdoor Detector

Robust housing with recessed window ·      Smart anti masking can distinguish between masking spray and rain &mi...

AUD 12000

ABS-GSM - GSM/GPRS Add-on Board

 Contact ID transmission over GSM (Voice) • Voice messages over GSM • Remote Data Up/Downloading with Boss via GPRS network

AUD 3000