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Speech Processor Module

User voice recording and electronically triggered playback     Includes a built-in microphone and an easily accessible RECORD pushbutt...

AUD 10000

Programmable 2-Channel Speech Dialer

    Verbal reporting of 2 separate events     Reporting to up to 4 telephone numbers or 2 pagers (numeric and voice) ...

AUD 4000


Complete home control solution - manages up to 30 zones     Detectors supported: PIR and pet-immune motion detectors; glass-break, flo...

AUD 5000

Inconspicuous Miniature Curtain PIR

Virtually unnoticeable after mounting     Designed for securing corridors, doors, windows or skylights     Ideal for c...

AUD 8000


Unique capability to distinguish between true alarms (breaking of framed glass in an outer wall) and false alarms (breaking of small objects, shattere...

AUD 8000


              15 x 15m (50 x 50 ft) detection pattern     Outstanding catch ...

AUD 5000