FC500MFI - Multifunctional Interface

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FC500MFI - Multifunctional Interface

Prooduct Code : MSI-55

Price : AUD 12000


Call Us : +1800 596 9870


Description :

FC500MFI is a multifunctional interface between FireClass 500 control panel and simple fire brigade or a remote control board that can be placed at up to 1 km distance from the FireClass 500 control panel.

Moreover a serial printer, able to print out all events occurring in the system, can be connected to each FC500MFI as well.

Features :

 Simple fire brigade or remote control board interface
    Serial printer interface
    Possibility to connect up to 4 FC500MFI per panel through the RS485 bus
    FireClass 500 version 3.00 control panel compatible

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