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GPS - Fleet Managment

Prooduct Code : MSI-49

Price : AUD 4000


Call Us : +1800 596 9870


Description :

Witech offers personal tracker and fleet management system. The GPS tracking device can be tracked realtime and updated instantaneously. The tracker has ability to have voice communication, listen to the surrounding conversation, receive emergency SMS. Additional features such as GeoFence can be set so when the car/truck leaves the fence an SMS is immediately sent to your phone. Capabilities such as fuel level indicator, open/close door, cut off engine provide excellent anti-theft mechanism for your car/truck.

Features :

Ideal for service personnel who are on calls as both an emergency device as well as to track their location for effective time management.
    WiTech fleet management system allows you to manage your cars, trucks and know its location.
    Cost effective and live updates allows you to view the tracker 24/7. Free website access allows you to view the devices anywhere in the world.
    Tracking history can be viewed and played back to see the exact vehicle/personnel movement.

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