VALCam USB Zoom+ Badging Camera

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VALCam USB Zoom+ Badging Camera

Prooduct Code : MSI-42

Price : AUD 5000


Call Us : +1800 596 9870


Description :

The VALCam USB Zoom+ badging camera is compatible with Software House’s C•CURE ID photo identification software package. Connect the hardware, run the auto setup program, and you are ready to go. Full control of zoom and brightness is immediately available from the user interface via mouse or keyboard. The VALCam uses only high grade CCD sensors with the finest optics to produce the sharpest and clearest images available. The white balance option provides the highest color accuracy and the unique flash technology offers consistent high quality results that can be fine tuned for the perfect image.

Features :

Powerful high intensity flash for perfect captures from 18 inches to 14 feet
    Crystal clear, low noise image quality for the very best image captures
    Specific controls for fine-tuning flesh tones to achieve perfect image replication
    Auto-focus, 18 to 1 optical zoom (72 to 1 digital) under C•CURE controls
    Administrative lock on camera controls to increase consistency in imaging
    Full Optical Zoom control from the mouse or keyboard
    Perfect captures anytime, anywhere even in completely dark rooms
    Fast image transfer to C•CURE for speedy throughput
    Save images as .jpg or .bmp, or to clipboard

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