eDCM 300 (Intelligent 2 Door Controller)

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eDCM 300 (Intelligent 2 Door Controller)

Prooduct Code : MSI-39

Price : AUD 12000


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Description :

The eDCM 300 (Door Control Module) is a low cost, two-door controller designed to interface third-party read heads with the CEM range of access control systems.

The eDCM 300 has an on-board 10/100 Ethernet connection and communicates directly with the AC2000 central system. Using a powerful 32bit processor, the eDCM 300 gives full off-line validation and decision making capability at the point of entry, when host communication is not available.

Features :

Support for two doors
    On-board 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    Communicates directly with the central system
    Structured database allows storage of large amounts of cardholder records for off-line card validation
    Reader communications via standard Wiegand or Mag Stripe interfaces
    Eight supervised inputs (four available per door)
    Two relays (normally opened or closed)and open collector outputs
    Self resetting fuses – saves maintenance time
    A supervised input can be mapped to a physical out put
    Onboard LED - provides visual status
    Dedicated tamper input

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