Programmable 2-Channel Speech Dialer

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Programmable 2-Channel Speech Dialer

Prooduct Code : MSI-35

Price : AUD 4000


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Description :

    DL-125C is a programmable speech dialer, designed for verbal reporting of alarm, emergency and technical events via telephone and paging networks.


Typical applications include upgrading alarm control panels that do not have a dialer, emergency reporting for individuals that require assistance, supervision of unattended machines and processes, reporting of technical failures (in refrigerators, heating and other equipment), reporting of environmental disasters (fire, gas leak, flooding, etc.), and a wide variety of other reporting applications.


Features :

    Verbal reporting of 2 separate events
    Reporting to up to 4 telephone numbers or 2 pagers (numeric and voice)
    Voice message recorded by user own voice in any language
    Easy reprogramming of telephone numbers and pagers using built-in keyboard
    Pulse or DTMF dialing in accordance with local telephone networks
    Called party "listening in" function following receipt of alert
    Power supply: 12 VDC
    Easy integration into alarm control panels and other systems
    Approved for use by local authorities in many countries

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