Prooduct Code : MSI-33

Price : AUD 5000


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Description :

12-Bit Wireless PIR Detector

Discovery W is a general-purpose wireless PIR detector compatible with all Visonic WR-200/WR-300 12-bit wireless receivers. It is designed for use as an add-on to an existing hard-wired system where wiring is a problem. Discovery W is approved and available in two frequency bands according to international standards.


The Discovery W is a stylish, yet durable, passive infrared detector, notable for its high efficiency sealed optics, superior RFI protection, temperature compensation, three-position pulse counter and built-in swivel bracket. It provides a high level of sensitivity, reliability and immunity to false alarms.

Features :

    15 x 15m (50 x 50 ft) detection pattern
    Outstanding catch performance, reliability and false alarm immunity
    Programmable 1,2,3 pulse counter for superior false alarm protection
    Temperature compensation
    Sealed optics protects from insects and air currents
    Snap-in "Pet alley" mask included
    Secure wireless communication with target receiver based on user-selectable system code (selected from 256 possible combinations)
    Automatic transmission of low-battery alerts
    Integral swivel bracket for ceiling or wall mounting, simplifies installation and control of the detection pattern
    Advanced RF protection up to 1000 MHz
    Durable and elegant design
    Suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial applications
    Approved and available in various frequency bands according to international standards
    Compatible with all Visonic WR-200/WR-300 "12 Bit" wireless receivers and other 12 bit wireless devices


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