Samsung Dome: CT-SCD-2020 Indoor

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Samsung Dome: CT-SCD-2020 Indoor

Prooduct Code : MSI-8

Price : AUD 1500.00


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Description :

Darkened (Internal colour) dome with tinted finish allows camera viewing angle to be concealed. A perfect deterrent camera for covering large areas with fewer cameras. Domed finish leaves cameras highly visible coupled with high ceilings it is almost impossible to isolate the cameras viewing angle and as such determine security blind spots. Ideal for commercial usage with large floor spaces such as show rooms, hotels or shopping centers. Overall an inexpensive way to get a lot of coverage


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Features :

  • Supreme color image quality at 600TV lines resolution
  • Excellent sensitivity (0.15Lux)
  • 3-Axis mechanical design (Indoor)
  • SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range)
  • SSNRIII (Samsung Super Noise Reduction)
  • Coaxial OSD control
  • Focal length:SCD-2020: 3.7mm
  • 52dB S/N Ratio
  • Dual Voltage